Software Development

Our Applications

konekt for GoPro – Connect to your GoPro WiFi network and quickly download your media files to your computer. (MAC only)
Easy Playlist Maker – Easy Playlist Maker is an iTunes playlist creation application designed to make the playlist creation process as easy and quick as possible. (Windows only)
MS Calculator – Convert file sizes to different units. (Windows only)

Custom Applications

If you’re wasting precious time on tasks that are cumbersome, then talk to us about the possibility of creating an application to streamline this process. In many examples we have shortened the process from 8 hours to 10 minutes.  Think about what you can accomplish with those spare 7 hours, 50 minutes.

Maintenance & Support

SBG Media is the authorized provider of maintenance and support for SAQQARA® StepSearch™ Product Server

SAQQARA® StepSearch™
Created in 1994, the award-winning StepSearch™ technology was the first faceted search technology available.

StepSearch was first implemented a year later by AMP Incorporated, the world’s largest connector manufacturer (now part of Tyco Electronics) to allow users to perform faceted browsing of the first web catalog.

Over the past two decades, StepSearch has become the industry norm for companies who want their users to be able to quickly and easily narrow search results.

How Can We Help?

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